The global tuna trade is a multi-billion dollar sector and the small PNA island nations whose waters deliver half the globally supply of skipjack tuna for canning have been constantly attacked because of the commercial interests of 1 person. He is sponsoring the opposition against the development aspirations of our islands, for his personal gain.

Join the Pacifical commercial & market development team as an intern for 3 months and obtain first-hand knowledge on the global tuna industry and its markets. The internship will be at the Pacifical office in The Netherlands. The selected candidate will witness directly the impact that the Pacific region’s sustainable tuna management and the MSC certification have in the global marketplace.  

Pacifical will fund all travel expenses, lodging and a monthly allowance for the duration of the internship.

Brief Description:

As requested by Parties in the PA26 development for changes to VDS trading module has now been completed. This Training will focus on the Trading Module so that Parties can now start using the module.

Ministers from Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, and Solomon Islands met via Zoom from 15-17 June 2022 for their 17th Annual Meeting, to consider a range of priority issues related to the s

The PNA and staff of the PNA Office express their great sorrow on the passing of the Honorable Minute Alapati Taupo, late Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Fisheries and Trade of Tuvalu, and s


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