Covid19 Update

Key trends:

  • Preliminary figures indicate that overall purse seine fishing days fell slightly in June, albeit fishing intensity (fishing days/calendar day) remained stable. The preliminary VDS figure of 3504 days is the highest monthly June effort since 2014. Note that June figures may be adjusted as NFDs are processed. 
  • Total purse seine catch fell slightly in June, but remained high relative to the ‘20-‘21 period. Fishing effort remained largely in the east, with KI and the HS collectively accounting for 55% of EEZ+HS effort. Catches were highest in KI and the HS. 
  • Based on preliminary figures, overall catch rates remained stable in June. Catch rates for SKJ rose slightly, while catch rates of large YFT fell after a sharp rise in May.  
  • Transhipment volumes rose slightly in June, remaining high relative to the ’20-’21 period. Transhipment activity was highest in Majuro, which accounted for 47% of all volume. The June monthly volume was the highest in Majuro since at least Jan ’19. 
  • Bangkok SKJ prices remained relatively stable in June, averaging around at $1300 according to Atuna figures. Singapore MGO price rose in June and is now back to pre-pandemic levels. The differential between SKJ price and Singapore MGO price remains clearly below the 10 yr average. 
  • Thailand is continuing to experience its most pronounced spike of cases to date in the pandemic, with over 12,000 cases/day at end July.

Find attached the covid19 detailed updated reports;