Covid19 Update

Key trends:

  • Preliminary figures indicate that both overall purse seine fishing days and VDS usage rose in October, with the preliminary VDS figure of 3696 days the highest October monthly total since at least 2014. Fishing intensity (fishing days/calendar day) also rose by around 19%. Note that October figures may be adjusted as NFDs are processed. 
  • Total purse seine catch (EEZs+HS) rose in October, up around 57% on the September catch, albeit remained at low levels relative to much of 2019-2021. Catches of SKJ rose by around 60% on the September figures, coinciding with the end of the FAD closure. Fishing was broadly concentrated in the west with catch and effort highest in PNG. KI catch and effort was the lowest since at least Jan ’19. 
  •  Based on preliminary figures, overall catch rates rose in October although remained low relative to much of the 2019-2021 period. SKJ catch rates rebounded somewhat, although remained relatively low.  
  • Transhipment volumes rose in October, up by around 12% on September volumes. Transhipments in PNG ports accounted for over half of all volume. Transhipment volumes rose in FSM but fell in Majuro. 
  • Bangkok SKJ prices averaged $1500 in October, up from $1300 in September, according to Thai Union figures. Singapore MGO price rose in October, exceeding pre-pandemic levels, but has since fallen slightly in November. 
  • Daily new COVID case numbers continued to fall across most key southeast Asian processing centres, although Vietnam is currently experiencing a second peak.

Find attached the covid19 detailed and updated reports;

COVID19 Update