The VDS/VMS Officer provides an important supporting role to the VDS Manager to ensure effective and efficient administration of the VDS.

As the PNAO is a small organisation, this position is suited to a person with a hands-on approach. The position holder would, from time to time, be expected to participate in a range of administrative duties as part of the office team, which will include regional travel.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the management and administration of the VDS.
  • Ensure accurate reporting of vessel activity under the VDS, including non-fishing days.
  • Effective support for vessel registration.
  • Support the VDS Manager on routine VDS Program administrative matters.
  • Monitor Vessel MTU, FAD Buoy alerts and reporting status in FIMS on a daily basis.
  • Investigate and correct any VDS Data discrepancy. 
  • Liaise with Parties and fishing industry and resolve MTUs issues when MTUs are not reporting.
  • Review, verify, and update manual positional data in PNA FIMS to correct any VDS data discrepancies. 
  • Maintain an updated FIMS Licensed Vessels List.
  • Conduct country visits, hands-on-training, workshops, and provide VDS technical support to National Programs under the different arrangements (FSMA, UST, and Pooling), including e-Reporting. 
  • Manage PNA Inmarsat C DNID, Argos, Thorium, and Faria Activation.
  • Support Fishing Industry on iFIMS Web and android app applications.
  • Test new developments in PNA FIMS and FIMS and provide recommendations as necessary.
  • Liaise with FIMS Inc on development of new modules.
  • Support Fishing Industry on iFIMS Web and android app applications and POA on e-Obs reporting issues.
  • Support Parties on NFD, e-Log and e-Obs reporting issues.
  • Manage user access in FIMS and respond to any FIMS/ VDS queries.
  • Support non-PNA UST users on FIMS VDS. 
  • Report to Parties, at the Annual and Special PNA meetings, on VDS PS & LL administrative matters.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the CEO or the VDS Manager.

Essential Requirements:

High School diploma or equivalent

  • Training qualification as fishery officer/observer.
  • Training in IT or relevant subject area.
  • Relevant degree (desirable)
  •  A minimum of two-years' experience in VDS administration at Party level.
  • Experience in the operation of databases, spreadsheets, word processing, and reporting systems.
  • High level computer operating skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

The successful applicant will be offered a three-year contract with a comprehensive renumeration package with the possibility of extension.

Key selection criteria
The position is open to anyone, but preference is given to PNA nationals.
Application Procedure
Please submit a letter of interest to the CEO, a brief CV and 2 reference letters to All applications must be submitted electronically. Manual applications will not be accepted. Closing date to submit applications will be Sunday, October
Closing date