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   Bali, Indonesia 27 November 2015: Hard limits for purse seine fishing effort on the high seas, a package of management measures for both longline and purse seine fishing fleets... more

Bali, Indonesia 26 November 2015: The Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) will oppose any proposal for a separate Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) logbook being proposed by certain... more

   Majuro, Marshall Islands 14 November 2015: The PNA plan to implement a Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) for the longline fishing industry in the western and central Pacific received a boost recently... more

Expressions of Interest  are invited for a Study of the Development of the PNA Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) – catch-based and effort-based options.

Read the Final Report of the Independent Review of the PNA Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) funded by the Forum Fisheries Agency and undertaken by a group that had no involvement in the... more

Nadi, Fiji 22 September 2015: “Work with us, and support the systems that we have developed — don’t undermine the fisheries management framework that we have developed, because we will ultimately... more

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November 17, 2015

Your fortnightly report on trends and influencers on the global tuna market from the Pacific Islands

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