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Prices remain stagnant at the Bangkok tuna market at US$1500 to US$1550 mark..

Parties to Nauru Agreement Commercial Manager Maurice Brownjohn said the rapidincrease in price saw some buyer resistance in recent months, but supply remained limited  so  prices remained relatively flat. He said significant changes were unlikely as Fish Aggregating Device closure neared.

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Benchmark options for Longline fishing

Parties tothe Palau Arrangement workshop in the Solomon Islands last week reconsidered new information regarding the Longline Vessel Day Scheme. This tended to show PNA countries were making an average of US$ 100-150/day, as opposed to the US$ 225/ day as originally recommened. Parties agreed to review a range of benchmark prices, and to make provisions for in zone species catch variations, domestic employment and offloading benefits and the cost of management.

The Longline Vessel Day Scheme technical working group has also decidedthat all parties are required to place vessels on the Online Vessel Register.

Parties noted that some Forum Fisheries Agency Good standing certificates are not valid. Parties to Nauru Agreement Office is providing support to vessels to ensure that the correct paper work (the MTU installer) is in place. This allows for effective application of the scheme, irrespective of the inadequacies of FFA Goodstanding.

TriMarine reveals bottom line

TriMarine International told a Palau Arrangement workshop in the Solomon Islands last week that realistically longline vessels could afford US$100-US$125 per day based on the economics of running their vessels.

Russel Dunham said for a large 60C/ULT Longline Vessel the vessels had to bear total costs per day of $3,015 USD.

Japanese investor eyes PNG venture

A Japanese investor this week has visited the International Food Corporation (IFC) in Lae, Morobe to discuss the possibilities of a partnership in the country’s fishing industries.

The SETOUCHI Holdings Papua New Guinea Project Office Chief Akira Kazusa together with Embassy of Papua New Guinea Ambassador Gabriel Dusavaand the National Fisheries Authority held a talk with the Lae base company.

Dusava said Setouchi is interested in sashimi (raw) fishing and export.The Japanese investor’s interest in the countryfollowed the visit by its Prime Minister to the PNG in 2014.

“They are a well established ship building company but the division that is going to involve in training is the division that is spot-on for looking opportunities in fishing, exporting and going into partnership with PNG based companies and state enterprises,” Dusava said.

He said the Japanese investor is visiting Lae, Madang and Wewak that already has factories exporting tuna.

Dusava said IFC exports tothe EU market but what the investor is offering is an opportunity for partnership to export sashimi fresh from PNG waters direct to Japan.

Kazusa said the visit to IFC was interesting as the company export almost over 100,000 ton of tuna to European Union market. And there is chance to export that amount of tuna to Japan. But IFC had to do some other things to adapt to sashimi market in Japan.

“The Japanese visit is giving us the opportunity in a sense that they have one good successful story in Indonesia where they process the entire sashimi grade, up to the level where it reached Japan, it goes straight to the supermarkets through their company,” Dzulkfli said.

Dzulkfli said this is something good for PNG especially in the long line tuna rather than purse seiner. But currently the company is processing a lot for purse seiner where the fish is cut and frozen on board.

“Unlike the long line where we catch something fresh for sashimi market it must be stored at minus 50. This can be done with the support of the Government and the investor,” Dzulkfli said.

NFA farewell staff members

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) has farewell two of their senior staff members who will take up top positions in the region.

Philip Lens will work for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency and Ludwig Kumoru takes up the position of chief executive officer of te PNA in Marshall Islands.

Managing director John Kasu said farewell to both men in a ceremony saying they had been instrumental in the organisation over the years.

Kasu said: “There’s a lot that is happening in the region and I think, the agency today expressed the importance of going and there’s a lot that needs to be addressed, I think with Ludwig Kumoru being the CEO of PNA, it will give us an insight into the way forward on how we address the industry in PNG.”

“There’s a lot of challenges we have in the industry, our processing facilities are purchasing at 30%, 70% are exiting the country and this is where the challenge is to make sure this 70% of products exiting the country  are processed in the country.

“Philip Lens will head one of the biggest programmes we had in the region, the observer programme.

NFA’s Board Chairman Job Pomat challenged the organisation to make sure NFA has a replacement to continue on the role left by two men.

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